Tips for Wearing Black Fur Vests

 Black fur vests are by far one the most underutilized apparels. But with the right accessories and mix of clothes, these can be some of the most luxurious clothes that can match with most of the garments in your wardrobe. Black is a good choice of color when dealing with fur vests. This is especially so, since most of the materials are synthetic. And when dealing with faux fur vests, one of the things you may want to consider is keeping the rest of the outfit quite simple. Here are a few tips to help you style your fur vests.

Choose the Right Length

Truly speaking, one of the most critical aspects of this outfit, whether synthetic or authentic black fur vests is the length. Most of the vests you see on models will look chic because a good number of those models are tall. But when you are looking at a height of 5’4” for instance, the same outfit is likely to be knee-length or even below. Choose longer vests when you have a taller frame. You can even make it better by including a pair of ankle boots with heels. But when you are a little shorter, you are better off with a vest that hits above or at the waist.

Forget the Biceps

Do not get tempted to wear your furry outfit under a jacket or coat. The elegance of a shaggy vest lies in your arms appearing smaller since they are encased in a long-sleeved tee shirt or a blouse that is flowy. It is best that you show the arms so your furry fashion friend does not look overwhelming.

Smaller Figures

For those petite women out there, protecting their real estate is the most critical aspect when using this shaggy vest. For that reason, going for a vest that will stop at the hip bone will suffice. If not, it should stop at the top of the thigh, to allow your leg to appear long and uninterrupted. Petite women should also shop for vests that are more fitting to avoid the outfit from overpowering.

Long or Trim?

It is recommended to choose the scale of the fur when you are dealing with a vest. If you are looking for a long flowy fur, you may want to choose with care. This is because most of the long fur vests could be expensive, and if you have a limited budget, it may require time to find the right piece.

Pair Well With Others

When you are wearing a luxurious black fur vest, you should know that this is a natural to boots and denim. Nonetheless, it always plays well with others as well. For instance, you can choose to pair your furry fashion friend with a tights, a floaty dress and boots. This will keep the dress from appearing too casual.

Synthetic far oftentimes looks good with a maxi. When doing that, you should consider pairing that with a blouse or tee and a pencil skirt for a chic look.