A Romance with the Most Beautiful Flowers

Be it the birthday, anniversary, saying a sorry or thank you, or the Valentine’s Day, romantic flower has always played a key role in enriching your love story. From the first date to the fifth anniversary, congratulating on her promotion to boosting her up during the gloomy days, you didn’t forget to carry romantic flowers with you. You did all that because you know that nothing can ever come nearer to a flower when it comes to expressing love in its finest form. Let’s have a look at some of the beautifully silent romantic flowers which has always helped us in maintaining a cozy relationship with our darlings.

Lily: In simple words, lily flower depicts beauty. To appreciate someone’s beauty in the most formal, creative, and subtle way, a bouquet of lilies would be just perfect. In ancient Greek literature, lilies were symbols of tenderness of heart and referred to the voices of the muses. When you know that you have found your muse, approach her with some lilies.

Rose: In its stunning red color, it means “I Love You”. This is the most famous flower of the world and to be technically correct, it is the most romantic flower of the world. A small trivia about this flower is that in England, this red rose is worn on St. George’s Day. It is also known as the Valentine flower all over the world. So, when you carry the bunch of red roses for your special someone, it means that you are ready for the romantic, passionate, and eternal love story.

Iris: This wonderful flower is a symbol of faith and hope. Generally Iris flower is found in three types, namely, Beaded Iris, Beadles Iris, and Arid Iris. Each one of them is distinct from the other. To make your relationship smooth and easier just like the college days, you must carry these flowers to him/her. Sometimes, we lose the person we used to love because that same person gets entangled into various welters of life and we fail to accept the fact that change is permanent. Faith and hope are other layers of love which is truly radiated by this flower and it would help you to restore some romance in life for sure.

Tulips: In all the variation of colors, a tulip flower depicts the perfect love. You may have heard stories of the ancient Victorian Age, when flowers were largely considered to be the language of love. Red tulips were used as Valentine’s Day gifts and it declared romantic love. After rose, tulips come second to popularity. On your 10th or 25th anniversary, you must not forget to decorate the home with this romantic flower.

Daisy: The traits of innocence, loyalty, love, and purity are portrayed by this sweet looking flower. A daisy has an upturned shape and it may look like a single flower, but actually it is made up of a number of tightly packed small individual florets. If you have just started dating a special someone, this is the flower bouquet that you can get for her. Many girls may not actually digest the fact that the guy is showering some large number of red flowers right from the beginning of the relationship. It may seem very over the top for them. So, be calm and cool with a simple daisy.