Some Fabulous Reclaimed Wood Ideas for Home Furniture

Whether you are looking to purchase a lovingly constructed piece of reclaimed wood furniture, or would like to make something of your own with a wood of your choice, reclaimed wood brings a fresh and organic touch to any home. The process of turning discarded or useless wooden objects into useful and comfortable furniture has become a massive trend in the past few years. The fact that reclaimed wood will often come from a historical piece of work will add much character to your home. Here are some of the most sensational and useful applications for this

A Wine Rack made from A Wooden Pallet

Reclaimed wood enthusiasts know that a wooden pallet is the cornerstone of many types of furniture in this style. It is just so incredibly versatile in both appearance and design that it can very easily be converted into pretty much anything. One of its most popular uses is to be used for storing items and goods, a wine rack being a particularly favourable choice. By simply removing the lower panel and reinforcing the gaps in the panels, you can create a quick and easy yet very attractive receptacle for your favourite vintage wines.


Many reclaimed wood enthusiasts enjoy simply revamping an old or faded piece of furniture, cupboards being some of the most commonly reinstalled pieces. All that it takes is a bit of cleaning, smoothing, and repainting if that is what you want.


All manner of reclaimed wood tables can be easily created from many different kinds of unused fences or discarded furniture. This is one of the most beneficial realms of reclaimed wood, as tables form the basis of hosting guests and throwing parties. You can make anything from a large dining-room table from old doors, or a smaller side table from wooden boxes.

Wall Art and Sculpture

The uses for reclaimed wood do not end with furniture. Many people enjoy turning dusty old surfaces into beautiful works of art. With wall art, you can turn an attractive surface of wood into your own source for creativity. For those that enjoy sculpting, unused timber or blocks of wood are perfect for the creation of unique pieces. Go wild, and let your arty ability flow through one of the most enjoyable mediums to carve, chisel, and paint.


An affordable alternative to the often costly purchase of a fancy headboard is a reclaimed one. A large slab of wood will bring a forest-like charm to your bedroom, especially if complimented by plenty of other plants in the room. You can further augment the forest energy by adding in fairy lights for a fairy-tale theme.


Again, you can restore an old park bench and the like, or you can create your own one from objects such as pallets. You will firstly need to ensure that all splinters and other potentially harmful dents in the wood have been take care of. Add some cushions and a coffee table and you have a charming corner to lounge and drink coffee in.