Popular Choker Necklaces Worn by Popular Celebrities

Chokers—who has not tried them yet? From the biggest 90s Hollywood stars to fashion icons of today, everybody has had their moment with this fashion item. Minimal and dainty with tiny chains– this is the new trend for chokers.

opulent choker necklaces

opulent choker necklaces

In a survey of choker necklace demand from 2016 to 2017, it has been found that the fashion item has its highest moment back in December. The demand has been going down lately, but that does not stop many women, including celebrities, to still wear the accessory. Here are the top choker necklaces worn by the most popular stars.

Olivia Palermo and Adornmonde Leather Choker Lariat

The famous American socialite and cast in the TV series, The City, had been seen wearing the Adornmonde leather choker lariat during the NYC Piaget Possession Event. The thin pink choker complements her tuxedo jacket and pullover placket shirt.

Kylie Jenner and a Gold Choker

There’s no doubt that the model, actress, social media personality, and socialite is one of the biggest fans of luxurious chokers. She can be seen wearing one in a casual event or a big awards night. However, one of the most popular chokers she has ever worn is a golden chain.

Kylie posted a picture on her Instagram where she wore a gold choker with a bright orange dress. Sure enough, her fans are only too ready to steal the look and buy a similar accessory.

Jennifer Lawrence and the Gold Star Emblazoned Choker

The 2013 Oscar Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence is not falling behind when it comes to this trend. Simple yet edgy—that’s the look she went for when she attended the 2017 Dior Spring/Summer show in Paris. Her gold star emblazoned choker with black strap went perfectly with her black leather jacket.

It can also be recalled that Jennifer wore a diamond drop choker from The One I Love worth 1,300 USD during her guesting on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

Taylor Swift and Chain Choker

After a long break, the famous pop star is back with a new album, Reputation. Fans believe that the album’s cover is loaded with hidden messages. In this same cover, Swift is wearing a choker that is actually a chain. Whether the accessory is symbolic or not, one thing is for sure. The singer has absolutely rocked the look.

Ariana Grande and a Bra-strap Choker

Here’s another pop star who’s been seen sporting the popular fashion item. At the MTV VMAs which was held in New York, Grande was seen wearing an Alexander Wang crop top and dress pants. To complete the look, she wore a bra-strap choker around her neck.

Rihanna and Cross Pendant Choker

Rihanna is not a newbie in the choker game. She has worn one countless of times in the past. She wore the most recent choker, however, in the FentyxPuma show in New York. There, she paired her Cross Pendant choker with a leather strap with other gold and diamond necklaces.


Celebrities know what’s what. Seeing them still wearing chokers only mean one thing—the fashion item may not be dying anytime soon.