Pantone Color Guide – The Ultimate Tool for Color Accuracy

Brand consistency is an important factor for the new businesses. The creative team of the start-up ventures needs to take care of everything in details that are visible to their customers. Colors play an important role in boosting a brand’s reputation in various walks of marketing or branding. Web and printing are the two different mediums where a brand is displayed using different color theories. The RGB theory is applied to the web products and the CMYK mode is applied when it’s about printing. Choosing different color process every time breaks the consistency of a brand and brings its reputation down. The spot colors are the saviours in this case. You can choose a solid color for the web and printing mediums. Unlike the mixed colors, the spot colors don’t create confusion.

The Pantone Color Guide is a very helpful color selection tool for the designers. Be it the textile industry, graphic world or the interior designing sector; the designers always find the color matching process easy using the color guides. The Pantone Color Guide comprises of hundreds and thousands of solid colors along with the newly introduced colors in the market. All the colors are available with a unique name containing a number. This helps the designers set a specific color code for the products for all the mediums. The Pantone Color Guide ensures uniformity in all the branding or marketing mediums.

The Pantone color was initially created for the printing world to provide the graphic designers a sense of relaxation while controlling or deciding colors for their creations. The Pantone Guide is used in various domains nowadays. Ranging from the textile arena to the interior designing sector – the color guide saves time and adds grace to the creations. While introducing a textile product line with the same design, the color or colors of the product need to be uniform and the color guide makes it happen. With a unique number code, you simply get an exceptional color match every time without facing the chaos.

Talking about interior designing, a right color choice establishes a balance and makes the environment lively. Each interior space demands a unique color that goes well with the overall interior design. The spot colors available in the color guide strips help a designer make the right decision and paint a wall in a more charismatic manner. The colors have the power to influence people and the spot colors do the job best. No matter the coloring job has been left in the halfway; you can always resume it with the matching color using the unique color code provided in the Pantone color guide.