How Your Glasses can be a Statement Accessory

Many glasses-wearers see their specs as little more than a functional item – something that’s necessary to help them get on with their day-to-day lives. But in reality, the sheer variety of frames and lenses available means they can reflect your own sense of personal style and personality, in the same way other functional fashion accessories (such as a watch or handbag) can. So how can glasses become a stylish part of your wardrobe?

Let’s start with the brands available – different brands can communicate a lot about who you are, for example it says something about your personality if you opt for Gucci or Oliver Peoples glasses, compared to say a supermarket own-brand. The top fashion houses, from Tom Ford to Saint Lauren, all make glasses and sunglasses in a variety of styles, allowing you to pick a brand that fits your own personal sense of style.


Next up is the number of different styles of frame available, from wayfarers to clubmasters, from square frames to round frames. Whatever your fashion sense, face shape or personal preference, there’s a style of frames that will help you communicate something of yourself to the outside world. The real beauty of course is that – budget permitting – you can buy lots of different styles, and choose them based on your outfit or event, much in the same way you would other traditional fashion accessories.

Then of course there’s a colour – long gone are the days when you could only wear black or silver frames, and today you can get your glasses in pretty much any colour you want. This means you can really express yourself with your frames, and wear different colours to match your suit or dress, or to add a splash of personality to an otherwise conservative ensemble.

When you add in your glasses accessories, such as protective carry cases, and the numerous different types of lenses available, you can see how you can put together the ideal pair to meet your own fashion sense, and how glasses can be a statement accessory any time of the year.