How to create a smart autumn look with patterns

Autumn has arrived, bringing with it rain showers, gusts of wind and dark evenings.  Luckily, it also brings beautiful golden colours, a refreshing crispness to the air and the invitation to light more candles and spend a little more time indoors.   Use this shift to autumn to find your new suede boots, beautiful knitwear and warm scarves – and refresh your autumn look with beautiful patterns in the new colours of the season.

With beautiful patterns, you can easily create a new look for yourself and give your wardrobe a breath of fresh air at the same time. And you can use the beautiful patterns in many ways, depending on your mood.  You will find a wide selection of smart blouses, tunics, dresses and tops decorated with fine patterns at

Unique patterns

Flowers, zigzags, animal prints and artistic brushstrokes.  With Masai’s unique patterns, there is something for every style and taste, and you can use your favourites to emphasise your personal style.  Go all-in and wear patterns from top to toe creating an eye-catching look, or go for a subtle look by pairing patterns with a single-coloured jacket or cardigan – so long as the colours go together, you can do more or less as you please.

Have fun with dots

Both the classic polka dots and the more graphic patterns with circles are back this autumn and they add extra charm to your outfit – whether they’re on your dress, your tunic, your top or your scarf.  Small classic dots are just the way to create an elegant, classic and understated look, while graphic dots, circles and bubbles play more with colours, shapes and styles.  No matter what you like, polka dots are a charming way to breathe life and colour into the otherwise-muted colours of your autumn wardrobe.

Geometric shapes

Geometric patterns have dominated at fashion shows in recent years – and this autumn is no exception.  A geometric print can be anything from beautiful symmetrical patterns to soft, artistic brushstrokes.  Colourful patterns are a great way to decorate an outfit and, depending on shape, material and colours, you can create a personal look that fits your style and mood.  Nor should you be afraid to mix and match your favourites.  You can easily put a dress decorated with a geometric pattern together with a dotted scarf or cardigan with a fine and feminine flower print.